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Monday, December 19, 2011

Dinette is DONE

It's been a while since I have had a chance to post. Lets say its been a busy month with the birth of my second son Jacoby. Another happy camper joins our ranks... lets hope he stays happy. On top of that, a car accident, a leaking roof, and a Thomas themed extravaganza for my 2 year old.  Even during this busy time I was able to sqeeze in a little work. With a little help from my in-laws, I finally I got the dinette cushions recovered. I have had this material for about a year! I went full on with sewn corners and the whole deal. I posted the rebuild of the frames in a previous post if you are interested in seeing that. The rubber hallway runner from home depot worked great!. I used hog rings to hold it on top of the springs and then a layer of foam on top of that. The rubber really helps to distibute the load of you butt! Very comfortable.

I was trying to go for a modern take on a Retro look with the material... I have no idea if I succeeded in this but I do think it looks fantastic. It was about 20 degrees in the barn when I put these in last night. Peppere B,  being a bit of a veteran in this kind of stuff, was checking out my first attempt at upholstery work. His rump seemed to think I did well.  

The scrabble table is ready. I am looking at you Derek and Julie!