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Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting Closer to the Finish Line

Well I made some great progress again this weekend. Whenever I think I am almost done I fine yet another item that needs to be checked off of the list. This weekend some big items got the DONE stamp. First the bumper. She is in, painted and I have incorporated some very cool stabilizers. I get this idea from Jen's (my wife) uncle Dick he did something similar on his Airstream, Thanks Dickie! Looks like its going to work well. Have a look. You just drop the two pipes down the welded on tubes, tighten the pinch bolt, and crank the front up. DONE

This is what it looks like with the pipes out.

Also all of the trim for the windows is made and urethaned. Ready to be installed. Looking forward to getting that done. The trim alone took a whole weekend to cut to size and make. Tedious crap.

Finally the Dinnette cushions... OHHH the disgustingness of it all. The mouse urine was thick that day my friends. I think these photos show some of the damage. I tried to salvage the frame. I found the best way to get mouse pee out is to burn the piece of wood that has pee soaked in it and make new frames from scratch. They are done and I am very happy with the results.

New frame next to old frame. The black marks are the stains from the mice... my whole garage stunk

I used rubber hallway runner as the backer for the springs instead of burlap. its cheap and I think it will work great. I was able to reuse the upper frames as they had not been invaded by rodents.

OHHH but thats not all. I also made new screens for all of my windows. They sell all the stuff at Home Depot. Its not very costly and once you get the hang if it... its pretty easy. They look like they might be original to the camper, very happy with the final product.

I also restored the original dealers metal cast name plate. Shasta owners like to keep and show these on their trailers as they originally were, its kinda a thing. Pretty cool, tells you where the camper originally came from.... not too interesting for me in this case, it came from 40 minutes away from where I bought it. I was hoping for Albacurky, or Kalimazoo.... anywhere more interesting and perhaps where Bugs Bunny might have frequented.

The Floor is also all done... think I might have shown this on some previous posts but oh well. Here it is.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Barn

In a previous post I promised to add some pictures of the barn that I am working on the Shasta in. Well today I received some good pictures from my favorite (and only) sister-in-law. Thanks Jess. Enjoy... and to my fellow Shasta restorers, try not to be too jealous.

The first floor has 12 ft ceilings... you could fit 4 Campers....... hmmmmmm

The sister-in-law and I upstairs in the wood shop. These are the old woodworking tools from my grandfather who build wooden boats. The machines are 40's and 50's vintage, great stuff, all cast iron.

The assembly table and work area. Most of the items I made for the trailer were done up here and then carried down stairs for assembly

They didn't care much about safety back then. Nothing has guards... nice exposed belts to get your hand caught in.

Work bend

The whole barn was made by my father, it even has some homemade lumber in it.  He has a home built sawmill next to the barn. The Shasta has some of that wood in it as well.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wings, Progress, and What-not

I am going to start off this post by talking a bit about the Vintage Shasta Trailer Forum . If your restoring or renovating a camper, this is a fantastic resourse. I will be adding a link to the site on my blog. The administrator Brian does a great job with it. I have been posting quite a bit lately on the forum about the Shasta wings. I need to make the set for my camper, and I know there are so many people out there that need wings for their trailers as well. This got me to thinking if I can duplicate the factory wings... and do it well, I can offer these to others. Well the respose was quite good. I have some generous folks who are willing to donate damaged wings so that templates can be made. I am looking forward to getting this going... should keep me busy this winter. That and my second child which is due in November.

So now to the progress on rhw Nasty Shasty. Sorry to say I dont have any pictures to post this week. However there has been a ton of progress. The floors are finished with three coats of poly and look fantastic. Really happy with how these came out. Also the drawer under the bed is done, just two coats left on that. The bathroom door is complete. I used an old latch that I found in the barn for it. Looks great and was my grandfathers, I love that. The decals are on! Like adding a cherry to the sunday. Oh and how could I forget... got the toilet in today.... like the pit of the cherry!

The wife and I went antiquing the other day to find decor items for the interior. We found some awesome items. Old tin signs, a 50's coke bottle rack (that I plan on converting into shelves). Some really great stuff.

Also went with mom to pick out curtain material. Needed a ladies touch for this. We found some great green material for the curtains that I think is going to really match well.

So how does the TO-DO list look:

First the good news:
Install Dimmer for exterior lights
Poly Floor..three coats
build drawer for under the bed
install all pulls and handles on cabinets
Install toilet and plumb
Plumb LP for hot water heater

Restore and recover dinette cushions.
New bumper
Build new wings
Mount wings
Make and install trim for all windows inside
Make curtains and mount rods
Shower curtain and head
Interior decore items
matress for the bunk
Run cable tv connection
Battery and Battery Box