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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Barn

In a previous post I promised to add some pictures of the barn that I am working on the Shasta in. Well today I received some good pictures from my favorite (and only) sister-in-law. Thanks Jess. Enjoy... and to my fellow Shasta restorers, try not to be too jealous.

The first floor has 12 ft ceilings... you could fit 4 Campers....... hmmmmmm

The sister-in-law and I upstairs in the wood shop. These are the old woodworking tools from my grandfather who build wooden boats. The machines are 40's and 50's vintage, great stuff, all cast iron.

The assembly table and work area. Most of the items I made for the trailer were done up here and then carried down stairs for assembly

They didn't care much about safety back then. Nothing has guards... nice exposed belts to get your hand caught in.

Work bend

The whole barn was made by my father, it even has some homemade lumber in it.  He has a home built sawmill next to the barn. The Shasta has some of that wood in it as well.

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