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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finding Time

Its been a little while since I did my last post so I thought I would give an update. Its been almost impossible to get much of anything done on the Shasta with the new little one. He has been a bit of a handful. However, we think we might have that under control (is there some wood around here that I can knock on). I did get a chance to start my curtains. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics but they are coming out great. For those of you out there that are thinking of doing you own curtains, its not hard but it is VERY time consuming to do it right. I have them all made for the dinette area and the one for the bathroom is done. This took about 10 hours and is less than half of the camper.

There has also been some progress on wings. I have made a set of early wings for a Shasta friend of mine on the west coast. This gave me some experience to make sets for sale and I am half way through a set for '59. They are looking great.... again finding time is rough. Also thanks to some work from Peppere B the rollers for the later years (including mine) are just about done and the work fantastic! makes the bead lines in the wings and really looks original.

The camping season is coming so I need to get crackilackin. Here is what is left:
- Battery Box and wire Battery
- Cable lines
- Fix bad solder joint on exterior lights
- Fix and mount screen door
- 2 more window screens to make
- Mount cabin dome light (just got it in)
- Install side front window which I recently BROKE!
- Finish trim for dinette windows (80% done)
- Interior shelving
- matress for the bunk
- shower head
- shower curtain
- exterior TV mount

Its mostly small stuff but it adds up into quite a bit of work and that means time... anybody have some I can buy? ... No... Didnt think so.