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Friday, July 19, 2013



I am introducing a new product for sale SERRO SCOTTY wings. These were a rare option on Scotty's in the early 60's. I am now making very high quality reproductions of the original wings... with some enhancements.

The wings are 25 inches long X 5.5 inches  tall. Both sides are covered with my mill finish exterior grade aluminum. This means if you damage a skin you can swap the wings and have a new skin on the outside. You can also polish the skins if you prefer a more reflective finish.

The set of 2 wings is: $250 + $20 for Shipping

They include a mounting kit of your choice:
Direct - 8 stainless screws and seals (for customers with no drip rail on the camper)
Standoff - 8 stainless screws with 3/4" standoffs (for customers with a drip rail)

To order just drop me an email at

Ian - 1962 Serro Scotty

Yes you read that right, a Scotty. Ian contacted me to see if I have ever made wings for a Scotty... my obvious thought was "No, Scotty's didn't have wings". Oh how wrong I was. Apparently around 1961 Scotty introduced a small wing as an option for their trailers. The founder of the company was fond of the wings that Shasta introduced in 1958. But it sounds like Shasta put some legal pressure on Scotty to drop the wings. They were only available for a couple years. To say they are rare is an understatement.

Ian and I worked out the design with images from the web and this is what I finally came up with... and they look killer! The shape is very similar to the cut out for the wheel well. Ian is doing a bang up job bringing this old Scotty back to life and he now has a fantastic set of wings to go along with it. My thanks to Ian for bringing the project to me, and I hope to hear from many more Scotty owners in the future!

The wings are double sided (reversible) and wrapped in my custom 3 line trim.

"When I imagined what the wings should look like they never looked as good as these.  So good.  Perfect!" - Ian

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Scott - 1963 SCS

Here is another SCS. These seem to be pretty rare. I have only had a couple of customers for these with the rear door arrangement. You can see why Shasta had to shorten the wings from 8X36 to 8X30. They just tuck in behind the door. The SCS is the only model I know of that uses this size. Thanks Scott, and well done on the install.
(8X30 with New Trim)

Lisa - 1964 Airflyte

Lisa and her husband did a great rehab on this old Flyte. Going with a cool paint scheme that will certainly turn heads. Well done to both of you and thanks for sharing! It's been a pleasure.

(42X9 with New Trim)