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Monday, November 19, 2012

Vicki - 1962 Compact

Not only does Vicki have a name that makes me think of the leading ladies in the Batman films, she has a great little camper. All dressed up for the holidays and sporting her new wings! Looks awesome Vicki. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

(8X36" Bead Lines, Standoffs)
"Wow...Do I love Maggie's wings! You did a fantastic job! Your workmanship is quite impressive! ... They went on super with the hardware you included! " -Vicki

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Paul - 1967 16SC

Here is Paul's later model Shasta 16SC. Looks like the whole camper has gone through a full restoration and really looks the part.Well done!

(7X27 Bead Style Lines with Standoffs)
"The wings came today, they look amazing!!!" - Paul

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lisa - 1964 Compact

I love Compacts, and this certainly is a nice one. The fresh coat of Chevy yellow looks great. Well done Lisa and thanks for the Photo.

(8X36 Bead Style Lines with Standoffs)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Allen - 1959 Airflyte

Allen just finished his 59 Airflyte and picked up a set of wrap around style wings from me. Its a beautiful restoration, and a great color choice. This August is the maiden voyage! I am sure it will turn plenty of heads.

(9" X 42" Beaded Line, Wrap around style tail)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nora - 1963

This is just a fantastic little trailer. Nora fixed her up for sale and of course had to have a set of wings to finish the trailer of right. Beautiful coral color. The interior looks just as nice. Well done Nora.

 This is a great shot of the wings. It really shows how they look on the trailer.
(8 X 36" Bead style lines, with Standoffs)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Art - 1967 SCS

They were not mounted yet, but Art sent me a shot of the wings I made for him in front of his 67 SCS. This was a unique build. This is the model that has the door behind the wheels. These wings are 8X30 instead of 8X36 because of the door location. The camper is in the middle of some restoration work so Art was kind enough to send us a preview pic. Thanks again!

(8" X 30", Beaded Lines, Standoff Mounted)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jim - 1959 Airflyte "Miss Daisy"

Jim has an ALL orignial 59 Airflyte and the thing is just cool. He even has the original awning! He is a purist at heart so he wanted his wings to be as close to original as possible, which is what I gave him. Without even knowing me, just knowing what I wanted to do,  he took the old wings off his camper and sent them across the country to me. I used his wings to make original shaped templates for future customers as well as making him a new set of cores and skins. We decided to reuse his original trim. Needless to say Jim is a hell of a guy and its been a pleasure to get to know him. These are creased line wings 42 X 9, wood core, wrap around style and they were the very first set I made.

Jim's contribution the the wing project didn't stop there. He and his girlfriend Jerri made a great sign from one of his original skins and they promote my wings out in the Washington area. You dont meet people like them every day. Great to have some west coast representation! Thanks again guys!

Chris - 1966 Compact

Here are some shots of Chris's 1966 Compact with my wings. A great looking little camper just got better. These are 36 X 8 beaded lines wings with Standoffs. 

" I have seen some of the original wings and yours are better in my opinion." - Chris

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Customer Wings

Here is a customer wings gallery where you can see my wings on customer's campers. This should give you a good idea what they would look like on your Shasta. I will be adding more photos as time goes on.

This of course is my 64 Astrodome... I am a customer of myself, I guess.
(42" X 9" Beaded lines with standoffs)

Adams 61 SC. Great looking camper
(42" X 9" Creased lines, wrap around tail)

Bill's Shasta, (and a template donor, thanks Bill)
(36" X 8" Beaded lines with standoffs)

Ready For Camping

I thought I would throw a few finished shots of the Shasta up. I have finally delivered her to the house in Connecticut and now have it registered! Not too much in the way of issues during the trip but notice that the white walls are missing in the pics below... almost lost the port-a-walls on the way home. If you are going to buy them DON"T get the 3" ones, go for the 1 3/4"... I had to reorder and spend another 60 bucks.

The Family came down a couple weekends ago so I thought it was an opportune time to get some pictures. I even got my awning from VTS... and I could not be more pleased with the look! The maiden voyage is booked for April and we are really looking forward to it. Jen (my wife) has gone on a trip planning extravaganza.

Me with the two Pepperes. Thanks again for all your help guys.

Three generations, hopefully the camper stays in the family for a long time.  

The new awning, (black and white stripe). Love it!

Bet my neighbors just love my camper in the front of the house... can't be any worse than my wood pile! In reality many of them have stopped by and have had plenty of compliments.

Looks like the place to be if you ask me!... or at least the place to get a shave and a haircut for two bits.

This is a shot from our VERY FIRST trip. This was at Point Judith in R.I.... great campground.

Monday, March 12, 2012




I offer reproduction wings for sale. These are the highest quality reproductions available anywhere. I have been building these for several years now and would happy to help make your Shasta complete.

The wings on a Shasta are outrageous and fantastic. Unfortunately, many original owners took them off and threw them away thinking that they were perhaps too gaudy. But today they are iconic and no Shasta camper is complete without them. They represent a different era in vehicle design. For a Shasta, the wings are the cherry on the sundae.

I make all of my 1.5" thick wings with my custom designed 3-line trim. This is a bright anodized aluminum trim I designed myself. This is a direct throwback to the original trim used in the mid 60's and looks fantastic for all years.

New trim on a set of 42 X 9s. This trim style is used on all sizes

New trim on a set of 27 X 7s


Ordering is simple. You just need to contact me via email at and give me as much of the following information as you can:

1) Wings Size (if you don't know tell me your year and model):
     - 42" X 9" 38"X9" , 36" X 8" , 30" X 8" , 27" X 7"

2) Mounting Style
     - Standoffs: If there is no cutout in your gutter rail, this is what you need.
     - Direct: If you have cut outs in your gutter and want to screw the wings directly to the skin. (only done with 42 X 9 early Shasta's 1958-1961)

3) Payment: (See payment terms)

Note: I am also willing to sell parts for the do-it-yourselfer (contact me for pricing) or those folks looking to repair existing wings. If you have a custom request with your wings, let me know. This has happened many times and I have always been able to work something out with the customer.


I also accept PAYPAL to:

I accept personal checks.
(will give you my address after you email me and we work out the details of your wings)

Buy with confidence:
I have been making these wings for quite some time now and every one of customer has been thrilled with the look and quality of the finished product. I am confident in saying that I produce the best reproduction Shasta wings anywhere. If ever there is an issue with a customer I will always do my best to make it right.


Large wings:
42" X 9"   :  $300 plus $30 S&H
38" X 9"   :  $300 plus $30 S&H (This size is used on mid 60's SC)

Medium wings:
36" X 8"   $250 plus $30 S&H
30" X 8"   $250 plus $30 S&H (This size is used on the SCS model with rear door)

Small Wings:
27" X 7"   : $220 plus $20 S&H

Shipping and Handling cost based on shipping in the continental U.S. only. I will ship to Canada at an additional cost. Alaska and Hawaii are also additional.


You get both wings with brushed aluminum skins. They are a nice bright finish (like the look of a stainless kitchen sink), not 100% polished. You can polish them if you so choose. The moldings that wrap the wings with are also aluminum. They are a retro, 3 line single piece (think of the edging at a diner counter top) with a bright finish (see photos). The molding is held on with stainless flat head screws.

You also get all of the required mounting hardware for your style camper and desired mounting technique.

Here is how the wings are constructed:

Step 1: Making the Skins
I cut the blanks in the .025 thick exterior grade aluminum from templates that I have created using ORIGINAL wings. That means the shape is exactly as they were originally from the factory I used a bead roller with a custom made set of rollers that form the bead style lines. This took months of experimentation to get it right. After quite an effort these lines are exact duplicates of what was done originally and are straight as an arrow! Each line is spaced 1 inch apart as they were on the original wings.

Finished Set

Inside of Skin

Step 2: Frames
I make the cores out of PVC Board. Its pricey stuff but won't rot. Everything is solvent welded, nailed and screwed together. All of the areas that will have mounting screws in them have full support so the wing won't dent when mounting on the trailer (unlike original wings that can crush when you put the screws in). These frames make the wings very strong and light (only a few pounds each) They are much more rigid than the original wings.

Step 3: Moldings

Next the mouldings get wrapped around the wing, trimmed, drilled and screwed in place. The skin is pinched behind the molding.

These are 36" X 8" Standoff style mounting (old style trim shown, no longer used)

These are 42" X 9" Standoff style mounting

The wings are mounted with stainless screws. Mounting the wings is the responsability of the buyer. You must make sure that the wings are securely mounted to your trailer and into good solid wood, a drawing of the optimum mounting locations are included as well:

9" wings come with a 10 screw kit (5/wing)
8"wings come with an 8 screw kit (4/wing)
7" wings come with a 6 screw kit (3/wing)

Standoff Style:  #10 Stainless Screws 3" long with 3/4" tall Nylon spacers.

(10 screw standoff mounting kit)

Direct Mount:  #10 Stainless Screws 2 1/4" Long, with 10 rubber washers

Here are some Photos of the wings mounted on the camper. Also take a look at my Customer Gallery for photos of my wings on customer campers. Again these will all be shown with the old style trim but are great examples of how my wings look on these fantastic campers.

Please visit my Customer Gallery Tab for photos of my wings on my customers campers.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I think if I never use a sewing machine again it will be too soon. I spent about 20 hours making these curtains and I think it worked out well. The color matches the exterior green nicely. I still have to make the tie-backs, which will be made out of the circle pattern material I used on the cushions.... so I guess my sewing days are not yet numbered. If they ever have a trailer trash edition of Project Runway, I am IN!.

Finished the trim around all the windows as well. All mahogany with stainless screws, took a while but I am really pleased with the results.

The center dome light is finally installed. I had to wait 6 months to finally get that thing!

I finally got to some of the fun stuff too... adding cool interior items. Over the 2 years it took me to finish this trailer I had plenty of time to find nik-naks to fill it with. I have a few more items in mind but the majority is here.
A whole bunch of items on this side... I went with the original 1080P LED flatscreen that these campers had in 1964. You know, gotta keep it original. I am trying not to over-do-it. Its hard to do as I keep finding cool stuff I want to nail to the wall.

I converted an old Coke bottle carrying box into a set of shelves. Going to add some straps and store coffee cups in it... you can still see the rings frome where the bottles rested. Very cool. The box was marked 1955.

There will be a bit more over here eventually. Right now just a tin Coke sign and Teddy Baseball peddling Moxie, the worlds most horrifying "soda"

Yup... I like coke. Even salt and pepper flavored

I found an old Ivory soap box in an antique shop. Added the shelves, and stained them to match the box.... I love the final look

The stain was just the right color, and the polyurethane really made it clean up nice.

In the same shop I found these old gauges. thought they were cool. Temp, humidity and barometric pressure. Looks like they were sold at Sears, and are "Made in West Germany" so they are post WW2... but certainly have some age on them.

My super cool Shasta clock from my sister-in-law. Thanks Jessy!

This was a Goodyear sign off of a Tire rack. I think its rather old, the wierd thing is that its brown and not the traditional Blue and Yellow. In fact I could not find another one like this on-line.

Just wanted to show the floor in the bathroom as I dont think I ever really showed a good picture of it. I am standing in the shower to take this picture. Roomy, if I were the shape of a broom stick.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finding Time

Its been a little while since I did my last post so I thought I would give an update. Its been almost impossible to get much of anything done on the Shasta with the new little one. He has been a bit of a handful. However, we think we might have that under control (is there some wood around here that I can knock on). I did get a chance to start my curtains. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics but they are coming out great. For those of you out there that are thinking of doing you own curtains, its not hard but it is VERY time consuming to do it right. I have them all made for the dinette area and the one for the bathroom is done. This took about 10 hours and is less than half of the camper.

There has also been some progress on wings. I have made a set of early wings for a Shasta friend of mine on the west coast. This gave me some experience to make sets for sale and I am half way through a set for '59. They are looking great.... again finding time is rough. Also thanks to some work from Peppere B the rollers for the later years (including mine) are just about done and the work fantastic! makes the bead lines in the wings and really looks original.

The camping season is coming so I need to get crackilackin. Here is what is left:
- Battery Box and wire Battery
- Cable lines
- Fix bad solder joint on exterior lights
- Fix and mount screen door
- 2 more window screens to make
- Mount cabin dome light (just got it in)
- Install side front window which I recently BROKE!
- Finish trim for dinette windows (80% done)
- Interior shelving
- matress for the bunk
- shower head
- shower curtain
- exterior TV mount

Its mostly small stuff but it adds up into quite a bit of work and that means time... anybody have some I can buy? ... No... Didnt think so.