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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jim - 1959 Airflyte "Miss Daisy"

Jim has an ALL orignial 59 Airflyte and the thing is just cool. He even has the original awning! He is a purist at heart so he wanted his wings to be as close to original as possible, which is what I gave him. Without even knowing me, just knowing what I wanted to do,  he took the old wings off his camper and sent them across the country to me. I used his wings to make original shaped templates for future customers as well as making him a new set of cores and skins. We decided to reuse his original trim. Needless to say Jim is a hell of a guy and its been a pleasure to get to know him. These are creased line wings 42 X 9, wood core, wrap around style and they were the very first set I made.

Jim's contribution the the wing project didn't stop there. He and his girlfriend Jerri made a great sign from one of his original skins and they promote my wings out in the Washington area. You dont meet people like them every day. Great to have some west coast representation! Thanks again guys!

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