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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Customer Wings

Here is a customer wings gallery where you can see my wings on customer's campers. This should give you a good idea what they would look like on your Shasta. I will be adding more photos as time goes on.

This of course is my 64 Astrodome... I am a customer of myself, I guess.
(42" X 9" Beaded lines with standoffs)

Adams 61 SC. Great looking camper
(42" X 9" Creased lines, wrap around tail)

Bill's Shasta, (and a template donor, thanks Bill)
(36" X 8" Beaded lines with standoffs)

Ready For Camping

I thought I would throw a few finished shots of the Shasta up. I have finally delivered her to the house in Connecticut and now have it registered! Not too much in the way of issues during the trip but notice that the white walls are missing in the pics below... almost lost the port-a-walls on the way home. If you are going to buy them DON"T get the 3" ones, go for the 1 3/4"... I had to reorder and spend another 60 bucks.

The Family came down a couple weekends ago so I thought it was an opportune time to get some pictures. I even got my awning from VTS... and I could not be more pleased with the look! The maiden voyage is booked for April and we are really looking forward to it. Jen (my wife) has gone on a trip planning extravaganza.

Me with the two Pepperes. Thanks again for all your help guys.

Three generations, hopefully the camper stays in the family for a long time.  

The new awning, (black and white stripe). Love it!

Bet my neighbors just love my camper in the front of the house... can't be any worse than my wood pile! In reality many of them have stopped by and have had plenty of compliments.

Looks like the place to be if you ask me!... or at least the place to get a shave and a haircut for two bits.

This is a shot from our VERY FIRST trip. This was at Point Judith in R.I.... great campground.