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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dennis - 1965 Airflyte

Dennis also sent me some before photos of his 65... it really is amazing how the wings transform these campers and add boat loads of personality. Dennis, she looks great, thank you for the business and well done!
9X38 with Standoffs

Robin - 1959 Airflyte

A complete resto on this 59 and I love it. The canary yellow looks very retro. Robin replaced the J rail so went with the standoffs when mounting her wings. Robin, you are setting a standard for how an Airflyte should look!

9X42 with Standoffs

Ronnie - 1962 AstroFlyte

You know I have a soft spot for the Astroflyte and the Astrodome and I have to say Ronnie's is looking the part. He went with a raw aluminum industrial. The Astro looks great with her new wings. Well done Ronnie.

9X42 with Standoffs

Monday, August 31, 2015

Jack - SCS

I love when I get photos like this. Jacks camper looks great with its new 8X30" wings and it such a great setting... Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us Jack and best of luck with your SCS!

"Tyler, very happy with my wings. They look great! Thanks again"  - Jack.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Kevin - 1962 Compact

The pictures speak for themselves! Hands down the best looking Compact I have seen. Kevin did a beautiful job with this camper. He listed it for sale and said the wings were a "BIG hit"!... don't get your hopes up, it sold 14 minutes later. I am not surprised. Love the camper, love the color (looks familiar). Great job Kevin and thank you for the photos.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Jess - 1958 Airflyte (Converted Deluxe)

So this camper started off life as a 58 Deluxe but was in rather rough shape. So when they restored it they decided to shorten the camper and turn it into an Airflyte... you would never know. It does make me a bit sad to know there is one less Deluxe out there but you certainly can't knock the work. The camper looks pristine! You can tell they did the job the right way. Well done guys, she is awesome!

42X9" Wings

April - 1965 1500

I think April was very pleased with a Mothers Day wing installation from here husband. They have a great little red and white 1500 and decided to go with 9X38" wings. They look great and a very clean install job I must say! Happy Mothers Day April enjoy your Shasta and have a great camping season with the family.
The wings are fantastic!!!  They are perfect and my husband helped install them for Mother's Day. It was the perfect gift! :)  Thank you so much, we love them!!
- April