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Monday, June 24, 2013

Carly Jo - 19?? Unknown

So this was an interesting one. Carly and Jo are sisters as well as a very talented pop-country/bluegrass (sorry if I got that wrong girls) duo from Canada. I didn't know Canada had country music, go figure. So they are doing a new tour "Bitches n Hitches"... love that. The girls will be traveling around in a vintage camper doing their thing. They contacted yours truly for a set of wings for the camper (no idea what year/make/model it is). Of course I was happy to do it. The girls sent me the tour post the other day and I was blown away! Check them out at: . Thanks again girls and have a great time.

"We got them and love them!! ...  We can't thank you enough. " - Carly

Sindee - 1960 Airflyte

What a great looking Airflyte. Sindee's husband and son-in-law did much of the work on this camper and they and made some good choices. I love the paint and the updated Z strip. Well done guys and thank you again for sharing.

42X9 New Trim mounted directly against the camper
"Tyler the wings came in and they are beautiful.  My husband and son-in-law (who know about these things) said you did a fantastic job." - Sindee

Chris - 1962 Airflyte

Chris picked up this farm find for free... yes that is right free. He knew the goods when he saw it and did a full restoration on the camper. I think the pictures say it all, the camper looks fantastic. Well done and thank you for the photo.

42X9 with New Trim
"Got our wings yesterday!  They look awesome Tyler.  Looks like are built well and the workmanship is very nice." - Chris