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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pat - 1955 1500

Oh its the Shasta model many of us wish we could get ahold of. Those great pre-1958 models. Pat has one in what appears to be fantastic condition... and check out the tow vehicle! There is plenty of debate about adding wings to these Shastas (which didn't originally have them). But when you see photos like this its easy to see why most owners choose to adorn their early Shastas with wings. These are 8X36" wings which I think are the perfect size for these early models. I have had many customers with pre-58's that have made the same decision as Pat, and I have to say I think its the right move.

(8X36" with Standoffs and 3-line trim)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Contact Information

If you are interested in ordering a set of wings or if you have any general restoration questions for me, I would be happy to help. Just send me an email and you will hear right back from me.

Send emails to :

My thanks to all of the great folks I have met, helped out, and made wings for. I look forward to many more years of serving the vintage camper community.


Robert - 1960 Deluxe

It's the Shasta model that I long to add to my collection. I suppose that I have Deluxe envy. Robert has brought this one back to life and she looks great. I am proud to have my wings on another head-turner.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ross - 1961 Compact

I have met some very interesting people in the Shasta community, but I think Ross might take the cake. He is an artist living in New Mexico who sells his art from his camper! I get the impression from our many emails that Ross's life has been nothing less than an adventure. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Ross and I was proud to have made the wings for is roadside gallery. Here are a few shots of his camper and his art. Please visit his gallery at:

One of my favorite shots. (8X36 Wings)
The artist and his camper

Selling his art... wingless, we can't have that!

Jason - 1963 1900

I have never seen one before and may never see one again that is this nice! Jason has an absolutely beautiful model 1900. Prior to his email requesting wings I had never even heard of this Shasta Model. He told me they are rather rare and I am inclined to believe him. Its a great looking camper inside and out but it had one issue that bothered Jason, homemade wings from the pervious owner. They were not bad but didn't quite do the camper justice. So Jason asked me to finish his camper off with a new set. I was happy to oblige. Thanks for the business Jason and some of the best Shasta photos I have every received. Check out Jason's camper (before the new wings) on Flickr at:

(42X9 wings with Standoffs)

Friday, July 19, 2013



I am introducing a new product for sale SERRO SCOTTY wings. These were a rare option on Scotty's in the early 60's. I am now making very high quality reproductions of the original wings... with some enhancements.

The wings are 25 inches long X 5.5 inches  tall. Both sides are covered with my mill finish exterior grade aluminum. This means if you damage a skin you can swap the wings and have a new skin on the outside. You can also polish the skins if you prefer a more reflective finish.

The set of 2 wings is: $250 + $20 for Shipping

They include a mounting kit of your choice:
Direct - 8 stainless screws and seals (for customers with no drip rail on the camper)
Standoff - 8 stainless screws with 3/4" standoffs (for customers with a drip rail)

To order just drop me an email at

Ian - 1962 Serro Scotty

Yes you read that right, a Scotty. Ian contacted me to see if I have ever made wings for a Scotty... my obvious thought was "No, Scotty's didn't have wings". Oh how wrong I was. Apparently around 1961 Scotty introduced a small wing as an option for their trailers. The founder of the company was fond of the wings that Shasta introduced in 1958. But it sounds like Shasta put some legal pressure on Scotty to drop the wings. They were only available for a couple years. To say they are rare is an understatement.

Ian and I worked out the design with images from the web and this is what I finally came up with... and they look killer! The shape is very similar to the cut out for the wheel well. Ian is doing a bang up job bringing this old Scotty back to life and he now has a fantastic set of wings to go along with it. My thanks to Ian for bringing the project to me, and I hope to hear from many more Scotty owners in the future!

The wings are double sided (reversible) and wrapped in my custom 3 line trim.

"When I imagined what the wings should look like they never looked as good as these.  So good.  Perfect!" - Ian

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Scott - 1963 SCS

Here is another SCS. These seem to be pretty rare. I have only had a couple of customers for these with the rear door arrangement. You can see why Shasta had to shorten the wings from 8X36 to 8X30. They just tuck in behind the door. The SCS is the only model I know of that uses this size. Thanks Scott, and well done on the install.
(8X30 with New Trim)

Lisa - 1964 Airflyte

Lisa and her husband did a great rehab on this old Flyte. Going with a cool paint scheme that will certainly turn heads. Well done to both of you and thanks for sharing! It's been a pleasure.

(42X9 with New Trim)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Carly Jo - 19?? Unknown

So this was an interesting one. Carly and Jo are sisters as well as a very talented pop-country/bluegrass (sorry if I got that wrong girls) duo from Canada. I didn't know Canada had country music, go figure. So they are doing a new tour "Bitches n Hitches"... love that. The girls will be traveling around in a vintage camper doing their thing. They contacted yours truly for a set of wings for the camper (no idea what year/make/model it is). Of course I was happy to do it. The girls sent me the tour post the other day and I was blown away! Check them out at: . Thanks again girls and have a great time.

"We got them and love them!! ...  We can't thank you enough. " - Carly

Sindee - 1960 Airflyte

What a great looking Airflyte. Sindee's husband and son-in-law did much of the work on this camper and they and made some good choices. I love the paint and the updated Z strip. Well done guys and thank you again for sharing.

42X9 New Trim mounted directly against the camper
"Tyler the wings came in and they are beautiful.  My husband and son-in-law (who know about these things) said you did a fantastic job." - Sindee

Chris - 1962 Airflyte

Chris picked up this farm find for free... yes that is right free. He knew the goods when he saw it and did a full restoration on the camper. I think the pictures say it all, the camper looks fantastic. Well done and thank you for the photo.

42X9 with New Trim
"Got our wings yesterday!  They look awesome Tyler.  Looks like are built well and the workmanship is very nice." - Chris

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Brenda - 1963 1500

Ellie Mae, (as Brenda likes to call her) never looked so good. This is a fantastic color combo and just a killer looking camper. Most of us would love to polish our Shasta's but are not crazy enough to do so. This photo tells you why it just might be worth all fo that work. The photo at the beach could not have been a better setting. WELL DONE and by the way, great looking wings!

 "I got the wings on my trailer and they look FANTASTIC!" - Brenda