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Monday, May 11, 2015

Jess - 1958 Airflyte (Converted Deluxe)

So this camper started off life as a 58 Deluxe but was in rather rough shape. So when they restored it they decided to shorten the camper and turn it into an Airflyte... you would never know. It does make me a bit sad to know there is one less Deluxe out there but you certainly can't knock the work. The camper looks pristine! You can tell they did the job the right way. Well done guys, she is awesome!

42X9" Wings

April - 1965 1500

I think April was very pleased with a Mothers Day wing installation from here husband. They have a great little red and white 1500 and decided to go with 9X38" wings. They look great and a very clean install job I must say! Happy Mothers Day April enjoy your Shasta and have a great camping season with the family.
The wings are fantastic!!!  They are perfect and my husband helped install them for Mother's Day. It was the perfect gift! :)  Thank you so much, we love them!!
- April