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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I think if I never use a sewing machine again it will be too soon. I spent about 20 hours making these curtains and I think it worked out well. The color matches the exterior green nicely. I still have to make the tie-backs, which will be made out of the circle pattern material I used on the cushions.... so I guess my sewing days are not yet numbered. If they ever have a trailer trash edition of Project Runway, I am IN!.

Finished the trim around all the windows as well. All mahogany with stainless screws, took a while but I am really pleased with the results.

The center dome light is finally installed. I had to wait 6 months to finally get that thing!

I finally got to some of the fun stuff too... adding cool interior items. Over the 2 years it took me to finish this trailer I had plenty of time to find nik-naks to fill it with. I have a few more items in mind but the majority is here.
A whole bunch of items on this side... I went with the original 1080P LED flatscreen that these campers had in 1964. You know, gotta keep it original. I am trying not to over-do-it. Its hard to do as I keep finding cool stuff I want to nail to the wall.

I converted an old Coke bottle carrying box into a set of shelves. Going to add some straps and store coffee cups in it... you can still see the rings frome where the bottles rested. Very cool. The box was marked 1955.

There will be a bit more over here eventually. Right now just a tin Coke sign and Teddy Baseball peddling Moxie, the worlds most horrifying "soda"

Yup... I like coke. Even salt and pepper flavored

I found an old Ivory soap box in an antique shop. Added the shelves, and stained them to match the box.... I love the final look

The stain was just the right color, and the polyurethane really made it clean up nice.

In the same shop I found these old gauges. thought they were cool. Temp, humidity and barometric pressure. Looks like they were sold at Sears, and are "Made in West Germany" so they are post WW2... but certainly have some age on them.

My super cool Shasta clock from my sister-in-law. Thanks Jessy!

This was a Goodyear sign off of a Tire rack. I think its rather old, the wierd thing is that its brown and not the traditional Blue and Yellow. In fact I could not find another one like this on-line.

Just wanted to show the floor in the bathroom as I dont think I ever really showed a good picture of it. I am standing in the shower to take this picture. Roomy, if I were the shape of a broom stick.

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