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Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting Closer to the Finish Line

Well I made some great progress again this weekend. Whenever I think I am almost done I fine yet another item that needs to be checked off of the list. This weekend some big items got the DONE stamp. First the bumper. She is in, painted and I have incorporated some very cool stabilizers. I get this idea from Jen's (my wife) uncle Dick he did something similar on his Airstream, Thanks Dickie! Looks like its going to work well. Have a look. You just drop the two pipes down the welded on tubes, tighten the pinch bolt, and crank the front up. DONE

This is what it looks like with the pipes out.

Also all of the trim for the windows is made and urethaned. Ready to be installed. Looking forward to getting that done. The trim alone took a whole weekend to cut to size and make. Tedious crap.

Finally the Dinnette cushions... OHHH the disgustingness of it all. The mouse urine was thick that day my friends. I think these photos show some of the damage. I tried to salvage the frame. I found the best way to get mouse pee out is to burn the piece of wood that has pee soaked in it and make new frames from scratch. They are done and I am very happy with the results.

New frame next to old frame. The black marks are the stains from the mice... my whole garage stunk

I used rubber hallway runner as the backer for the springs instead of burlap. its cheap and I think it will work great. I was able to reuse the upper frames as they had not been invaded by rodents.

OHHH but thats not all. I also made new screens for all of my windows. They sell all the stuff at Home Depot. Its not very costly and once you get the hang if it... its pretty easy. They look like they might be original to the camper, very happy with the final product.

I also restored the original dealers metal cast name plate. Shasta owners like to keep and show these on their trailers as they originally were, its kinda a thing. Pretty cool, tells you where the camper originally came from.... not too interesting for me in this case, it came from 40 minutes away from where I bought it. I was hoping for Albacurky, or Kalimazoo.... anywhere more interesting and perhaps where Bugs Bunny might have frequented.

The Floor is also all done... think I might have shown this on some previous posts but oh well. Here it is.

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  1. Great looking!! Very nice work. I will have to show my husband that bumper business. I have a 63 on my blog if you care to see them. I am always looking forward to your pics, so please keep them coming!!

    Happy Trails! Amy B