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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Big Idea

So late last year (2010) I was convinced by my family that I needed a camper. You see we go camping several times a year and have been staying in my in-laws (rather impressive) motor home. Well my family is growing (a 19 month old and another on the way) so it started to become apparent that it was time to find our own "tenement on wheels". The problem was that I don't like modern campers... square, bulky... utilitarian. Beauty lies in the past.... the canned hams and Airstream's of yesteryear. 

My wife's uncle has restored 2 Airstream's with some rather impressive results. I found that I too preferred the older campers for their curvy beauty and nostalgia. So, i decided in August of last year to get one, and make it my own. One fateful EBay bid later and I was the proud owner of a 1964 Shasta Astrodome. It appeared to be in fairly good shape... looks can be very deceiving. I decided to create this post to share the project with other enthusiasts and my family.... enjoy.

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