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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Color Results are In!

First of all thank you to those who placed there votes... it was an impressive turn-out, 11 different voters! Wow, serious numbers at the polls this year! Some interesting results:

WINNER: Polished/Turquoise... I am not too surprised by this, the turquoise is a classic color from the time period and the polished does look fantastic. My experiments with polishing the camper have had some mixed results but show that it is a huge amount of work. Not sure if the polish is going to happen.

2nd Place: Polished/Coral... I didn't see that coming at all. Not saying I don't like it, I do. It certainly stands out in a crowd and is definitely indicative of the period. I just never thought you guys would vote for that. I think the fact that this camper had the polished top may have helped the votes along.

Original colors White/Canary Yellow... only one vote. However I know who voted for it and like she said "its a very strong 1 vote" This was my cousin-in-law Julie. She is a vintage Airstream owner so she may have a bit more leverage than sayyyy someone who has mice living in their cars air filter. Not naming names, you know who you are!

Actually my personal pick scored rather low. I wont say what that is but I was surprised by that as well... I assume everyone should have the same taste as me.... NO?

Well thanks again, I will post an update after this weekends strenuous activities.

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