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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Reality

Well I have come to the conclusion that this project just isn't going to get done by Labor Day. I went ahead and cancelled my reservations. We had.... to say the least, a bad weekend working on the Shasta. Basically nothing got done. We worked all weekend trying to repair the roof panels which are full of dents and holes. After a day of scraping, bending, and sealing, I made the call that the roof is too roached to salvage. So this means I need to make a new roof for the camper.....grreeeeaaattttt. It's going to cost another $300 in aluminum and quite a bit of work. The good news is that the roof is going to be made of one solid sheet of aluminum with no seams. No seams means no leaks.

So a very disappointing weekend, but what can you do? There were a couple of things that were completed. The entry door has been broken down and is nearly rebuilt. Looks like I have been able to repair that. The wood in the door was so rotten there was nothing but nails left in some spots. A Shasta didn't use any sealant around the door panels and water can easily get in and sit in the hollow door. This won't happen with mine I can tell you that.

No new photos yet as there has not been much more to show. I will take some shots of the new roof as it progresses. Wish me luck. This MIGHT breath new life into the idea of polishing the camper. I did some tests this weekend and was not too pleased with the results. Stripping the paint went fine but getting a decent finish on the underlying aluminum wasn't easy. It would be quite a process and there is a ton of paint that would have to come off of this thing... so I think its unlikely that I will be polishing.

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