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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trying to Make the Deadline

Well the deadline of Labor Day weekend is looming. We have a family trip planned where there will be 4 other trailers/RV going to Vermont over the weekend. I made a reservation late last year as a goal to get the camper done for the trip... no doubt I am close. But close isn't going to cut it. The more I think about how much is left the more I know that it isn't going to happen. I would normally take a weeks vacation and work on it non stop, but with my work schedule and my wife's, its not panning out. So I am stuck with just working weekends. Its a bit depressing but What can you do?

We had a fairly productive weekend last week. The door side skin is on and the front skin is also complete. A few other odds and ends were buttoned up as well. Lets take a look at the task list, shall we?


- Wire a couple of exterior outlets
- Get new glass for all broken windows

- Fix the skin (Just the Roof Left)
- Mount skin... again Roof, by far the hardest part.
- Install all exterior items that will be painted.
- Wire and mount exterior lights
- Restore and recover dinette cushions. (OH THE MOUSE PEE!)
- Rebuild and polish windows (1 LEFT!)

Plumb LP for hot water heater
Prep skin for paint (Test paint strippers and polishing!!!!)
Rebuild door
Make floor boards and install
Poly Floor..three coats
Mount new tires (rims are sandblasted)
Mount all windows
Build new wings (damn you previous owner who removed them!)
Mount wings
Make and install trim for all windows inside
Install toilet and plumb
Make curtains and mount rods
Battery and Battery Box

Uggs is all I can say..... If you read this list you know why 4 more weekends of work is not going to finish this camper.

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