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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stage 3 Photos

So once the walls where up and most of the rough interior furnishings were done, it was time to put on the roof. Making the bends went pretty well with the 1/8 plywood. The front bunk nose was the hardest part. This was very close to the breaking point for the plywood, but we made it happen....slowly! I have more photos of this stage, I will add more once I find them.

All of the cabinet doors are solid mahogany as is the trim on the table and counter top. I don't show it here but all of the plumbing is in the back of the camper. The grey water tank is below the floor in the back, the black water tank is on top of the floor behind the toilet, and the fresh water tank is above the black water and the drawer. The mattress is just above the fresh water tank.

I got lucky, our neighbor had an old Komfort trailer from the 80's that was rotten. We salvaged a ton of goodies out of it. The tank monitoring system (pictures below), the fresh water tank, the grey water tank, the hot water heater and the converter/power panel... all told about $1500 or more worth of parts. Thanks again to the Gilmore's who gave us the old camper.

The peppere's checking out the tank monitor

Counter top prior to finishing. The cut out has the sink under it. Check out the matching grain, that was tricky to do but looks fantastic.

Tank monitoring panel

Table... man that was a fair amount of work

Microwave shelf next to the bunk and shower.

Bunk prior to cutting holes for windows and vent.

Custom made Faucet for Shower... I used brushed nickel shut off supply valves
I can hear the skin at the tip of the bunk creaking with the desire to crack... but it survived
Cabinet doors

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