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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stage 2 Photos

So by this point the walls were up, the bunk and front were in and the interior was under way. The plan was to totally change the layout... that was my plan. My fater thought I should make it back to the way it was.... I dont think so. I know, the purists out there would agree with him. But if you want to actually USE the camper, there are some logical changes that needed to happen.

MODIFICATIONS: Full size bed going along the back wall. Toiler and shower of far wall where kitchen once was. Dinette stays in the front. and a mini- kitchen opposite the bathroom with a sink and fridge. Cabinets over the rear bed, drawer under the rear bed... as well as the hot water heater and all THREE tanks and all utilities!  Its a tight fit... but as you will see later, we made it happen.

You can see all of the new wood in the walls... looks like a Frank Lloyd Wright house or something 

Bathroom on the right, bed in the rear

Toilet is in the big section of the bathroom the shower is the small section 24X24. every time I turn I will wash the sides of the shower with the hair on my arms!

fridge/kitchen area

Dinette bases. There are drawers under both of these.

Counter top is solid. Birch. Mahogony edging added later.

Cabinets at foot of bed

Pepe with is grandson (my boy) looking out the bathorom window

Shower. 1 piece of aluminum for all of the sides! the base was made out of another piece and sealed. This is siding that is used on tractor trailer trucks. Thick stuff, didnt bend to easy. We had to make a Rube Goldberg brake to bend it.... worked

Cabinetts over the head of the bed.

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