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Monday, July 18, 2011

Stage 4 Continued 7/16/2011

Here are some photos from this weekends progress. We had a couple of significant milestones.

1) We tested the water system and everything works well. Had one leak in the shower so I had to pull one wall down and fix that. Not a huge issue. We also learned that we might need to add some pitch to the fresh water tank. When the water gets low the pump starts sucking air.

2) The vanity is 100% done! counter is in and plumbing complete. Fridge is all done as well... one more item off the list

3) The control panel that I made for the rear LED's is done. These have PWM dimmers in them not the standard kind of light dimmer you can get at Home Depot. That was a bit of work but the final result is worth it. Note to anyone using these. The commercially available dimmers are not shielded well against EMC and can cause interactive pulsing of the lights. Keep them far apart, or add metal shielding. A word of thanks to my friend Dave for his assistance.

4) One side of the skin is done! Really makes me see the end of the road just might be near.... maybe


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