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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Color Dilemma

Colors Colors Colors!!! I am getting close to crunch time on picking out a color... I could use your help. I have added a poll to this blog with some of my top choices. I would like your input and your vote. I have searched the web for some images of Shastas with the color combos I am proposping... I think this will help.

All painted versions would have a polished silver stripe... all polished versions would have a white painted stripe

Below is the Colonial white with the Sage Green. These were orignial colors on the T-Bird in 1957...very sharp

Below is the White with Seafoam Green

The classic and VERY popular White with Turquoise

Thise would be close to the original colors of my Camper White with Canary Yellow.

Finally is an example of a polished Shasta.... lots of work but with an impressive result. This is Polished with a Coral Bottom. This very camper was on Ebay a couple weeks ago.
Try to imagine the polished with the other colors listed above and a white stripe for my other options.

Let me know what you think!


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