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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tear Down

Like I said it an earlier post. The order in which you rip one of these appart is critical. Tear down order: Windows, Aluminum Siding, Cross Ribs, Roof Skin, Front Skin, Interior cabinets. Walls (keep plywood on). Floor.

Mine was....what is the word....Nasty. When I was tearing it down. Plent of rot from years of leaks and neglect. Tons of mice crap and pee. I decided early on that ALL of teh wood was going with the exception of what could be saved in the walls. I alos had a huge ants nest in the front bunk... lovely.

All that is gone now. Here are some "Tear down" Shots:

There is the handy old man tearing out the Dinette.

ANT NEST and a big one

Major rot in the bunk where the ants nest was. There was a big hole in the roof right above this.

Interior tear out...wrong way to do it!

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