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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stage 4

So we are finally up to date. These photos represent where I am today. All major plumbing is done, all waste tanks are installed, 99% of electrical is done, the interior is sprayed with three coats of polyurethane, all interior furnishings are built and most are poly'd, electric brakes are done along with the bearings, all external running and tail lights are wired, all skylights and roof vents are ready to go, 60% of light fixtures are installed.... some of them are custom made and I have to say the final affect is fantastic (photos below). I used LED strip (available on eBay, or i got them from not cheap to say the least but worth it. Very low power consumption, minimal heat, and they should last a very long time.

So whats left... it sounds like we are practically done. Well the answer is plenty, I am going to type these items as I think of them and its going to become my "to do" list:

Wire a couple of exterior outlets
plumb LP for hot water heater
Fix the skin (lots of dings and dents and holes oh my!)
Prep skin for paint
Rebuild door
Mount skin
Install all exterior items that will be painted.
Make floor boards and install
Poly Floor..three coats
Mount new tires (rims are sandblasted)
Rebuild and polish windows (3 left to do)
Mount all windows
Build new wings (damn you previous owner who removed them!)
Mount wings
Wire and mount exterior lights
Make and install trim for all windows inside
Restore and recover dinette cushions.
Install toilet and plumb
Make curtains and mount rods

.... There are probably 50 other items that I am not listing here, it will make me depressed if I keep going

Enjoy the photos!

Varnished Table....nice, one coat left

Love the way the counter came out

Miles and I do mean miles of wire in this thing

every nook and cranny used.

Custom sconces.....wait foooorr iiitttt

SHHHBLLLAAMMMMM. Like a Shasta Superhero

As you may have guess... these took a while

They turned out just as I planned... that never happens

These may have taken even longer. custom made under-cab lights. Also LED

Bunk light from VTS

Black water tank behind toilet, drawer will go on left and fresh water tank is above all of this... packed like a can of sardines

Skylight in center of hall ... makes for a nice touch and more light

So this little guy gave me quite a shock this weekend... he liked the warm battery and was ONTOP of it when I picked the batter up. As it slithered through my fingers... I screamed like a 12 year old girl!

Milk snake, never seen one before, don't really need to again.


  1. Love the details - especially the wooden "S"!

  2. This is sweet! You have a great site - and a great camper to boot. I'm super jealous of the nice space you have to keep her in while you're renovating. The floorplan switch - very nice! I like the bed space in the back that you don't have to unfold - and the fact that you fit a shower in the thing! Thanks for commenting on my blog ( and pointing me to yours. Maybe I'll see ya on the road in a year or so (renovations probably will take me longer since I'll be outside). :) Oh - and those "S" sconces - very cool!